Coffee-drinking Astronaut

Hey Tribe! I’m back. I have missed you so.  I’m giving away my Keurig coffee maker! Read on and you could be a winner!

So, I switched back to my regular ole coffee maker a few months back. True, it takes FOREVER now and much more effort.  Ok, it’s like 5 minutes and a few steps, but that’s a big deal when you’re standing in your robe with your eyes closed wondering what to make for breakfast.  First world problems, right?!  Knowing that I’m a teensy bit whiny in the mornings, you might wonder why I would switch from my super fast and cool Keurig.  It started bothering me to see all those little plastics cups being thrown in the garbage, especially when I’m anal about recycling.  I thought about dumping the coffee grinds and rinsing out the cups for recycling. Then I remembered that I have four kids and that is just not going to happen.  My conclusion was to make one little change.  That small act has a tiny impact on me, but a HUGE impact on the Earth (we are KILLING our precious home….plastic bags, styrofoam, water bottles).  And the cups are more expensive.  Win-win.

Recently, I read a book called 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker.  It has made a huge impact on me and my family.  The Hatmakers took seven months to drastically pare down seven areas of excess (clothes, possessions, waste, food, spending, media and stress).  My previous decision on the coffee maker switch was spot-on!  I felt good about that and thought of ways we could do more.  What’s the point in reading something inspiring if you don’t ACT on it?  Just one small act is a start.  

Here’s my start: the Keurig is just sitting there and that’s wasteful.  It’s really bugging me!  I want it out of here and I want it to find a nice home.  It’s barely used (we bought it new after the fire) and is the bigger, fancy one.  My husband goes the no-crumbs route when he buys things for me.  Winner winner chicken dinner!  Lucky me.  Yes, I did ask his blessing to give it away.  Of course, he said yes because he just rolls like that.  

If you would like to adopt my Keurig all you have to do is execute a random act of kindness and then post to this blog or reply on the Facebook link about the experience (not because we like bragging because pride is yucky, but to give hope to other readers).  Do you see what I did there?  I also incorporated the ‘stress’ factor from the book.  Who can feel stress when they are GIVING love, money, time, or energy to a deserving stranger?  Um, no one!  Last week, a friend was visiting on my porch, she got chilly, and I ran to get her a sweater.  My favorite sweater.  She hugged it and said how good it felt.  DING…you know that feeling when you’re about to give a present and you’re giddy?  I got that feeling and knew it belonged to her!  I had to practically make her take it (we strong women can be like that sometimes), bless her heart.  She thanked ME and I was the one who was truly thankful that she received it!  I mean, I love this chic to the ends of the earth, so to part with a material object in her honor was a duh, no-brainer.  I have experienced this myself, as a receiver, and it was like the sun shined on me when I needed it most.  It makes a difference!  People, things are getting scary up in this crib (America) and we have got to come back with love and kindness as the tools of peace.  

In one week I will put everyone’s name (within 45 minutes of us) in a hat and let one of my kids draw a winner.  I will literally draw it out of my cowboy hat. If you are the winner, I will even deliver it to you!  True, for delivery purposes, the winner will come from the greater Cincinnati area.  Don’t hate, remember: I have four kids and a job people.  But PLEASE, I beg of you, play anyway!  Go change the world, be nice and then tell us about it.  Share the challenge with your friends.  It will be awesome!  I promise.

Houston, we are Go For Launch…. 


2 thoughts on “Coffee-drinking Astronaut

  1. I would put my name in but I can’t. The reason I don’t have one yet is the very reason you are getting rid of it. Sisters oh yes!

    1. Oh no….don’t give it away! They make reusable filters so you can use any coffee you want and never purchase those K-Cups! It’s $10. Worth the investment!

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